200, rue des Palmiers

That’s our address. And why would I care to announce this? Because up until this week we had none. No address. We have a house, yes. Which is on a street, yes. Which is in a village, yes. But only the latter had an identifier (Koné). You see, outside of the capital of Nouméa (where half of NC’s population lives), villages (there are no towns let alone cities) have streets with no name, and houses have no numbers. Mail comes to a mailbox at the post office, which you have to go pick up.

But then again why would you need street names and house numbers, on an island where pretty much everyone (foreigners excluded) knows everyone? Case in point, one of my (expat) colleagues had ordered some furniture in Nouméa and arranged for them to be delivered in Koné (~300 km). On the delivery day, as he was waiting for the truck to show up, he realized he never gave them any directions on how to get to his house. Needless to say he did not give them an address. As he was going around through the paperwork to find a phone number, the truck pulled up… (on time too, which makes two mysteries for the price of one).

Anyway, Koné, or rather Voh-Koné-Pouembout region is booming, due to our mining project. We have gone from 3,500 to over 5,500 in less than 18 months and new houses are being build (slowly…). So it became necessary to add street names so fire trucks can get to the fire etc. And we can get mail delivered at the house.

We also got a new garbage can.


About bekkel103

Mining engineer, born and raised in the Netherlands. Spend my entire career in Canada, until now!
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