Raid de Ponerihouen

(OK, this is at least the fourth time I am writing this entry. All previous versions got wiped clear when I tried adding the elevation map. I think I finally got it. Needless to say that the original post was much longer. So perhaps a blessing for you…)

This weekend I ran my first “raid”, which is a cross-country race hosted on the land of one of the “tribus” (tribe). These events are pretty popular (a few hundred participants), but I never participated before. Because I am not really a runner. In fact, I don’t really like running. Give me my mountain bike any time. But these raids attract both fast and let’s say less-fast people, so I figured I should be able to blend in and see how I would do.

The “Raid de Ponerihouen” looked like this:

And more importantly, like this:

So yes, I “only” did the 12km mini raid. The big one was only 5 kms longer, but had another 600m to climb.

Well, so far so good for the first one. I completed the trail in 2 hrs 15 minutes. Which made me 44th, out of about 200. Not bad for a first time. And especially since I walked a lot. The views over the lagoon from the top of the mountain where fantastic, but even though I had a small camera with me, I couldn’t stop to take a picture as I knew it would make continuing even harder than it already was.

I did have to take a picture though of the showers that were set up for us:

Next raid is on June 2nd. I think I’ll go. And train for it even. Who knows, one day I may actually start to like running. Oh who am I kidding?


About bekkel103

Mining engineer, born and raised in the Netherlands. Spend my entire career in Canada, until now!
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2 Responses to Raid de Ponerihouen

  1. Elaine Berger says:

    Wow, sublime! Quelle chance vous avez de vivre là-bas. C’est une enventure, un rêve qui restera écrit sur votre coeur, à chacun de vous. Merci de nous emmenez avec vous, dans vos petits voyages, déplacements locaux, nous pouvons ainsi être jaloux, heu je voulais dire, heureux de partager ainsi votre vie. La prochaine fois que je fais le tour du lac Gillies, je vais me filmer et mettre ça sur facebook… bah non… c plate ça! LOL Amitié les ex-voisins 🙂

  2. Elaine Berger says:

    Je voulais bel et bien dire AVENTURE 🙂

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