Home Heating

It is winter in New Caledonia. In fact, we are in the dead of winter so to say. I am aware that I have often been rubbing it in to many back in the Netherlands and Canada (and elsewhere of course) about how nice the NC climate is, but we do get cold as well! At time time of year, when we get up (fairly early) and the temperature is in the single digits, we are cold! Very cold. Sure part of it may be due to the fact that we have become acclimatized to our weather, but I don’t care what you say, when it is 8ºC in the house, it is COLD! Especially when you consider that our house is slightly elevated, on short posts, and all the floors are tiled. But most importantly: we have no heating!

Some of our neighbours have gotten to the point where they turn on their kitchen oven and leave the door open. Matthé asked me to do the same the other morning. I refused. Socks and sweaters will do the job. Besides, as soon as the sun gets up and hits the windows, things warm up pretty fast. It does still easily get to 25ºC during the day. But yet one day I may have to cave.


About bekkel103

Mining engineer, born and raised in the Netherlands. Spend my entire career in Canada, until now!
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