About Gertjan in Nouvelle Calédonie

From the day I had landed my first job as a junior mining engineer with Falconbridge in Canada, I was interested in working overseas (not just Canada). It has taken 13 years, but now I am working as an expat in New Caledonia. My brave wife and 3 young children came along for the ride and this blog is about how we got here, what we see and experience.


2 Responses to About Gertjan in Nouvelle Calédonie

  1. Vanden Bussche Serge says:


    Ik woonde en werkte in Nieuw Caledonië van 1980 tot met 1982.
    Ik heb me kandidaat gesteld als IT manager,
    maar om een kans te maken zou ik in contact moeten komen met het management.
    Als je mij jouw email bezorgt, kan ik je mijn CV zenden.
    Serge Vanden Bussche
    +32 477 740 700

  2. jacqueline says:

    Hi I’m doing a research project as an intern about New Caledonia. I was wondering if you would mind answering a few questions about New Caledonia? Mostly about whether or not they have internet banking, do they have good roads, decent medical care etc…

    If you dont mind, let me know at jacquilee19@gmail.com

    Would really appreciate your help!

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